Placing Tempo In Your Home

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Tempo Studio's freestanding design maintains a small footprint without complicated installation or holes in your walls. When you're done working out, your weights and barbells store neatly away on the Studio itself, while clever accessories like the squat rack and bench fold to keep a low profile. 


Things to Consider when finding a good spot for your Tempo Studio: 

  • Internet Strength

    • Tempo works with both WiFi and Ethernet cord connection (preferred choice) For WiFi, we require a download speed of at least 20 mbps. You can test your home internet via

    • Please use your laptop or phone on airplane mode and connect it to the same WiFi you would be using for your Tempo. Stand at the location you would be placing your Tempo for the most accurate test results

  • Ceiling Height

    • While there isn’t a specific ceiling height requirement, our workouts incorporate movements that require jumping or lifting barbells/dumbbells above your head. For the best experience with Tempo, we recommend having a space that allows you to comfortably lift a barbell above your head as well as a space that allows you to safely perform jump squats.

  • Surrounding Space

    • The minimum space required for your Tempo depends on which bundle you purchase.

      • Tempo Starter

        • Footprint: 2’2” x 1’4”

        • Workout space: 6’ x 8’

      • Tempo Plus

        • Footprint: 3’2” x 1’4”

        • Workout Space: 6’ x 10’

      • Tempo Pro

        • Footprint: 4'2'' x 1'4''

        • Workout Space: 6'x10'

    • We recommend a workout space that doesn’t have excessive sunlight or mirror reflections that could affect the 3D sensor’s ability to pick up your movements accurately. 

  • Outlet Location

    • Tempo requires a three-pronged outlet and supports both 110v and 220v voltage. You can use an extension cord or surge strip. The operating watts are 128W normally with 360W max and the amps are 1A normally and 3A max. 

  • Recommended Operating Temperature and Humidity

    • Operating Temperature: 50 - 80 F

    • 0% to 90% Humidity

    • We generally do not recommend placing your Tempo outdoors or in your garage. The Tempo studio was designed for indoor use only as sunlight, water, and excess humidity can cause undue damage to your unit. 



Please contact Tempo Support if you have any questions or require further assistance. You can contact Tempo Support via email at, live chat at, or by phone at (833) 966-1777 now available 24/7/365.

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