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Modified on Sat, 26 Aug, 2023 at 8:43 PM

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What exactly does signing up for a live class mean? What happens when I sign-up on the app?

You can see how many users have signed up for the class on the live class details page.

If you sign up, we’ll send you a mobile reminder notification through your app 60 minutes and 5 minutes before class starts so you can be ready and set to go! Ensure you have Tempo notifications turned on in Profile > Settings Gear Icon > Notifications. 

Class is open for 10min before the start time. It is recommended that you show up early to set up.

Move Members: Live classes will only stream when connected to the Core.

Studio Members: Your live class will appear on the Tempo Studio homepage when you show up.

What if I sign-up for a class and don't show up?

No worries! It won’t count as a missed class.

How far in advance will I be able to see the live class schedule on the app?

Classes are released in weekly increments. Each Thursday, the following Monday to Sunday week is released. If today is Wednesday, you will see Wednesday to Sunday classes. If today is Friday, you will see Friday’s to the following Sunday’s classes. 

How can I get ready for class so I don’t miss it?

  1. View upcoming live classes in the Tempo app and sign up for the classes that align with your schedule.

  2. Join 5-10 minutes before a live class starts. When the live class is open, you will be prompted to join the class.

  3. Move Members: Connect your phone to your Core so that you’re set up and ready to go!

  4. Studio Members: Your live class will appear on the Tempo Studio homepage when you show up.

  5. Live classes close soon after the scheduled start time.

Can I take the same Live class as a friend on Studio or Move?

Yes, all live classes are available to Studio and Move members.

Can Studio and Move members see each other on the Live Class Leaderboard?

Yes, you will be able to see the usernames of all Live Class participants on your Leaderboard, regardless of whether members are on Studio or Move.

How do I change the time zone of my live classes?

Live Classes are typically on PST. If you would like to adjust the time zone of your Tempo so that your live class schedule reflects your time, please go to your Profile > Settings Gear Icon > Edit Profile.

Can I take a live class that I missed?

Yes, enjoy live classes at a later time with our on demand feature. Live classes are converted to on-demand within 48 hours.

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