Weight Recognition FAQs

Modified on Sat, 26 Aug 2023 at 08:32 PM

What is Tempo weight recognition?

Tempo’s 3D sensors automatically recognize your Tempo weights so that you can focus on your workout. This allows Tempo to learn more about your workout performance and informs future weight recommendations.

How does weight recognition help my workout?

Consider Tempo’s weight recommendations a starting point, and if you feel the need to increase or decrease weight as necessary, please do. 

You know your body best, and what might feel easy one day can be difficult the next. With weight recognition, Tempo will auto-update your weights if you choose a different weight.

Does weight recognition work with all Tempo accessories?

Weight recognition works with Tempo dumbbells and weight plates that are ≤ 10lbs. It is not yet available for barbells, kettlebells, plates > 10lbs, or non-Tempo weights.

Can I turn off weight recognition?

Yes. During class, you can enable or disable weight recognition by tapping on the in-class weights icon.

How does Tempo know when I should lift less or more?

Tempo recommends your weights based on your last class performance. If exercises were too easy for you, Tempo may recommend heavier weights. If you were struggling through exercises, Tempo may recommend lighter weights. 

Does weight recognition work in live and on-demand classes?


Can I change my weights in the middle of a set?

Tempo will not detect weight changes if you make them mid-set. You can, however, manually adjust your weights by tapping adjust.

Tempo’s weight recognition is wrong. Why? What should I do?

There are a few ways to ensure that weight recognition is working properly. Here are a few things to do that help:

  • Work out in a well-lit room

  • Ensure your whole dumbbells are visible to your Studio or iPhone camera at the beginning of each set to allow them to be scanned

  • Order your weight plates from biggest to smallest as you load them

  • Order your weight plates in the same way on both sides of the dumbbell and on both dumbbells if necessary

  • Try to avoid stacking duplicate plates on top of each other (i.e. 2 blue plates on each side) as our weight recognition cannot detect that there are two

If your weights still do not match the weight shown on your screen, you can pause the class and adjust the weights.

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